Consultancy and Accounting Services

APC Assessoria provides your company with complete and efficient accountancy services to ensure compliance with tax and legal obligations. Our experts will handle the bookkeeping and tax management to simplify and optimise the effort in the administration area of your business.

Our accountancy services include the planning and implementation of accounting, the economic and financial organisation of the company, the internal accounting and management control systems, the legalisation and preparation of the official accounting books, and the formalisation of the value added tax (VAT) books.

As your accounting advisors, we will ensure that you enjoy total control of your financial operations, with transparency, confidence, efficiency and security. We offer specialised services ranging from the management and preparation of the nominal ledger and balance sheets to the drafting and filing of quarterly VAT returns and annual statements. This is an essential process to comply with tax and legal obligations and to avoid potential penalties or fines.

Furthermore, our services include the compilation and filing of the quarterly withholding tax on rental income and the annual statement, as well as the compilation and filing of the accounting books at the Spanish Commercial Registry. This is to ensure compliance with legal regulations and to avoid any problems with the authorities.

Another key service offered is the keeping of the Invoice Book for invoices received and issued, and the drafting and submission of the supplier and customer returns for amounts over €3,000. 

These procedures are essential for keeping detailed and accurate records of the company’s financial operations, thus enabling well-informed decision-making and proper resource control.

In the area of comprehensive tax advice, we offer a personalised service of management and consultancy ranging from the analysis of balance sheets and the computation of solvency, liquidity, debt and cash flow ratios to the analysis of payment management and viability. 

The aim of all this is to provide a comprehensive and customised service to enable companies to make informed decisions and take full advantage of the tax benefits offered by current legislation.

Our accounting service offers the reassurance that your company complies with all its tax and legal obligations, while providing you with the necessary information to make informed decisions and keep proper control of your resources. Contact APC Assessoria and discover how we can help you with the accounting of your company.


Management and preparation of the nominal ledger and balance sheets.

Compilation and filing of the accounting books at the Spanish Commercial Registry.

Analysis of balance sheets and the computation of solvency, liquidity, debt and cash flow ratios, etc.

Analysis of payment management and viability.
Productivity margins calculation.

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