Property Administration

We provide a complete and customised service for the management of your residential community.

We handle the attendance to General Meetings and manage the collection of participation fees, the invoice payment and the accounting. In addition, we periodically send statements of accounts to the co-owners, take the minutes and send copies, and issue summons for outstanding bills Our services also include the monitoring and safekeeping of the documentation of the Residential Community, preparing budgets and receiving correspondence in order to act accordingly.

Like this we ensure that your community is managed in an efficient and transparent way, keeping a fluid and close communication with the owners. Our team of experts in property management is at your disposal to advise you on everything you need, offering you solutions adapted to your needs. You can entrust the management of your community to us and rest assured that your property will be in good hands.

We offer consultancy services in different tasks assigned by the General Meeting, the Governing Board or the President of the Residential Community, which are very useful to guarantee the correct functioning of the community. Some of these tasks may include, the supervision of the different areas and facilities of the community, legal advice for enquiries and relations with official bodies, companies, or community members, and the payment of invoices to the different creditors, among others.

The maintenance management of the areas that comprise the residential community and the drafting of the legally required documents before the different administrations are further services that we offer as a specialised service bureau for residential communities.

You can rely on our qualified professionals to ensure the correct functioning of your community and avoid problems in the future, offering you effective solutions adapted to the needs of your specific community.


Attendance at General Meetings.

Collection of participation fees, invoice payment and accounting.

Periodic statements of accounts sent to the members.

Drafting of minutes and forwarding of copies.

Summons for outstanding bills.

Control and custody of Community documentation.

Preparation of Budgets.

Correspondence reception and handling.

Tax Consultancy

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Payroll Consultancy

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Property Administration

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