Payroll Consultancy

Payroll Consultancy

We offer a wide range of services designed to help companies meet their payroll, tax and social security obligations. These services are essential for any company seeking to establish a good relationship with its employees and with government authorities.

One of the key services provided is the preliminary study and procedure to register a company and its employees, which is essential to ensure that the company complies with the legal requirements and can operate without any problems.

In addition, we provide legal representation before the Spanish Labour and Social Security Inspection. This means that we can help companies deal with any problems or sanctions that may arise during an inspection.

Another important service we offer is occupational risk prevention management, which can help companies reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace. We tailor this occupational risk prevention management to the needs of each company.

The drafting and processing of employment contracts is another of the services we provide, always in compliance with current legislation. We give general advice on payroll matters and wages and salary calculations, ensuring that employees are paid appropriately.

In our work, we are also responsible for drafting and managing employment contracts in accordance with current regulations. We provide advice on general employment issues and calculate payroll and salaries to ensure employees are adequately compensated.

As well as studies and procedures related to retirement, disability and unemployment pensions, which may be of great benefit to workers in the future.

We also offer fast and personalised processing of retirement, pensions and Social Security applications. We give advise on and process redundancy plans, maternity, disability and invalidity leave. Furthermore, we provide advice and process business grants and subsidies for SMEs and large companies.


Preliminary study and procedure to register a company and its employees.

Representation before the Labor and Social Security Inspection.

Management of occupational risk prevention, according to the needs of each company.

Drafting and processing of employment contracts in compliance with current legislation.

General advice on payroll matters.

Wages and salary calculation.

Paycheck calculation.

Redundancy Plans.

Personal income tax management, calculation of withholding percentage, regularization and monthly or quarterly, and annual processing.

Social security contribution, TC-1, and data transmission for TC-2 via telematics (Social Security RED System).

Studies and procedures related to retirement, disability and unemployment pensions.

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Payroll Consultancy

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